Thursday, September 20, 2007

Artwork As It Unfolds!

Christmas is coming faster than you or I know! I'm seeing it creep into stores, my favorite shopping websites, and of course...into my own work. Yep, I've begun my Christmas marketing campaign already. You'll be seeing my newest postcards and mock-up custom Christmas cards on the website within a few weeks! Get excited!

Meanwhile, here are two sneak peaks (meaning: teeny tiny corners) of my latest artwork for nurseries. Both just need a few tweaks, and then they're off to the scanner so I can have prints made. Good Christmas gift, perhaps?

This one's called Majestic, because it's covered in gaudy gilding and has an absolutely confident tone:

And this is called Nursery, because it's sweet and simplistic. It features the name "Emma."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome to My Blog!

I'm Heather G. Young, a passionate writer, graphic designer and artist. This fresh, chilly September morning is a perfect time for me to start a brand new blog. Here's a little introduction to me. Up next: photos of my latest artwork in progress.


The desire to start my own business has always tugged on my soul.
Fortunately, my gifts and talents—writing, design and art—fit snugly into a freelance niche. My laptop goes where I go, thus so does my work. (Yes, my espresso addiction and night owl proneness fit freelancing too!)

My entire life has been a constant preparation for this very career. Thanks to my artist dad and public speaker mom, my childhood was filled with creative development. When other kids' Saturdays were spent on the soccer field, I was on the family Macintosh learning Adobe Photoshop 1.0, and taking writing lessons from a professional corporate writer (my dad's colleague).

Then, at James Madison University I not only learned journalism (my major), but also threw myself into other creative pursuits: art and design (my minor), interior design, and freelance projects ranging from manuscript editing to textbook layout.

As a college senior, I became engaged to my high school sweetheart, and during that wedding planning period, I discovered a love for what I like to call "girly graphics." Bridal shower invitations, party invitations, wedding programs and anything else with feminine flair filled my thoughts and my spare time for a full year.

My first job after college was in a marketing firm that just so happened to specialize in the "girly graphics" of which I'd grown so fond. I worked with salons and spas to create their graphics materials, PR and marketing, and equally used my journalistic skills to write multiple feature articles for the consumer and trade beauty industries.

After a few years there, my soul's longing for the freedom of freelance became unbearable, and I decided that I was finally ready to begin that chapter of my life. One sunny summer day, I quit my job and I've been thrilled to work with people like you ever since!

Heather Young Signature