Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Craft Cult Heartomatic

I just found the coolest site! It's called Craft Cult. It's based on this invention called the "Heartomatic" where you can type in your Etsy store name and see exactly how many "hearts" you have on the store or on individual items. So no more stalking your own store, clicking on each listing to see how many people love it—you can do that stealthfully on Craft Cult!

If you want, you can look up other people's shops too, but that's not as fun ;) Well, unless you're looking up mine: sugarcoatpaperie !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from Mexico

I don't think Jeffrey and I have ever needed a vacation as much as the one from which we just returned! The five days and four nights at Excellence Playa Mujeres were the ideal escape from the grief that has filled our minds for the past three months. We were dealt perfect 85-degree sunny weather, great all-inclusive food & free-flowing drink, cheery aqua blue Caribbean waters, and seemingly never-ending pools.

The resort was ultra-chic and had a minimalist feel. No obnoxious florals were anywhere to be seen, nor did the hotel owners choose any cheap finishes or take money-saving shortcuts. Beautiful.

Our private rooftop pool, excellent for morning reading or breakfast.

White sands, clear skies...

After today is over and I've recovered from travel and subsequent tiredness, I'll be ready to start my springtime graphics with a refreshed perspective and renewed creativity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ode to Vanilla

My current decorating obsession is anything in creamy off white—especially for winter (well, summer too since shells are white!). And although a lot of interior designers will tell you that using white shows fear of color or lack of creativity, I definitely beg to differ. I think its softness is homey, comforting and elegant.

For my birthday, my mom took me shopping and bought me these deliciously vanilla-hued dishes from Anthropologie. Don't they look just like layers of frosting on a cupcake?
(Please excuse the few remnants of silvery Christmas decorations still up. I've yet to find the perfect Springtime table runner!)

Design that's soft, sweet and feminine seems to be a trend lately. I think that's why cupcakes are such a hit as a creative element right now, used for everything from birthday party themes to artwork to cute t-shirts.

I've jumped on the bandwagon and designed a cupcake birthday party invitation, and I'm presently stippling a cupcake too (though I'm not sure how I'm going to use it yet). Here's the work in progress...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favorite Color


Although I never got to finish my baby girl's nursery, I still want to share photos of it, because I look at it all day and it brings me great memories of my pregnancy. Even when I don't want to remember or grieve, the nursery fills our upstairs hallway with a glow of pink light, and I can't escape it. Pink will always remind me of my baby girl.

Anyway, I love the things we bought for the room. I really wish I could have finished decorating it. If we have another girl one day, the to-buy list will include: a shelf, artwork, curtains, a chandelier, and other decorative odds and ends. (Yes, I was really behind with the decorating when Grace died.)

[Forgive me; my photography skills are severely lacking, and I could really use a few lenses for my camera!]

Where to buy:
Bedding: Bella Notte in Melissa Petal from Layla Grayce
Glider: Sarah Slipcovered Chair in Rosemont Bleach from Layla Grayce
Mirror: antique from The Bella Cottage
Crib: Corsican from Wren & Divine (bought the floor model for 40% off!)
Dresser: Art for Kids from Wren & Divine

Inspired by the room, I designed a baby shower invitation with the same style. This was actually the invitation used by my family for the shower they threw for me back in October.