Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favorite Color


Although I never got to finish my baby girl's nursery, I still want to share photos of it, because I look at it all day and it brings me great memories of my pregnancy. Even when I don't want to remember or grieve, the nursery fills our upstairs hallway with a glow of pink light, and I can't escape it. Pink will always remind me of my baby girl.

Anyway, I love the things we bought for the room. I really wish I could have finished decorating it. If we have another girl one day, the to-buy list will include: a shelf, artwork, curtains, a chandelier, and other decorative odds and ends. (Yes, I was really behind with the decorating when Grace died.)

[Forgive me; my photography skills are severely lacking, and I could really use a few lenses for my camera!]

Where to buy:
Bedding: Bella Notte in Melissa Petal from Layla Grayce
Glider: Sarah Slipcovered Chair in Rosemont Bleach from Layla Grayce
Mirror: antique from The Bella Cottage
Crib: Corsican from Wren & Divine (bought the floor model for 40% off!)
Dresser: Art for Kids from Wren & Divine

Inspired by the room, I designed a baby shower invitation with the same style. This was actually the invitation used by my family for the shower they threw for me back in October.


Sarah Smith said...


I think your photos are gorgeous and I love the room! I also wish I could get a couple of new lenses for my camera...I'm thinking about a macro lens before Laura's wedding but we will see!

Love ya girl!

heathergyoung said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks so much for the compliments on the room :)

You will get some *gorgeous* close-ups of wedding flowers and such with a macro. I'd love one too.