Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life goes on...

I have found that the best way to get some relief from my sadness is to fill my time with work. Thank God, I've had several clients—old and new—coming to me for projects recently. Logos and salon service menus have been the name of the game. See my website for a few new logos!

And to pick up from where I left off last year ...
Before the tragedy of losing my daughter occurred, I was working on creating a website for Kindle & Boom Salon—definitely one of the most beautiful, modern salons around (with the most genuine and personable staff too). Their site is unique in that it is mostly image-based (instead of being created from tables or with Flash). They asked me to create jpegs that they could upload to the website themselves and add in their own links. Take a look!

And speaking of websites, I'm planning on redoing my own sometime soon. It needs less scrolling and less reliance on the "back" button. It also needs a lot more examples of my current work! My husband and I are traveling to Mexico in February to get away from our grief for a week, and once I get back I'll get to work on the site. Exciting!

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