Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from Mexico

I don't think Jeffrey and I have ever needed a vacation as much as the one from which we just returned! The five days and four nights at Excellence Playa Mujeres were the ideal escape from the grief that has filled our minds for the past three months. We were dealt perfect 85-degree sunny weather, great all-inclusive food & free-flowing drink, cheery aqua blue Caribbean waters, and seemingly never-ending pools.

The resort was ultra-chic and had a minimalist feel. No obnoxious florals were anywhere to be seen, nor did the hotel owners choose any cheap finishes or take money-saving shortcuts. Beautiful.

Our private rooftop pool, excellent for morning reading or breakfast.

White sands, clear skies...

After today is over and I've recovered from travel and subsequent tiredness, I'll be ready to start my springtime graphics with a refreshed perspective and renewed creativity.


Nicole Marie said...

oh my goodness its gorgeous! i just looked up the resort and need to go!

heathergyoung said...

Nicole, I totally recommend it! Let me know if you need anymore pics or info :)