Thursday, December 13, 2007

Graphic Inspiration

I'm trying to turn my brain off from red/green/snowflakes/candles and change my focus to Valentines and spring flowers, but it is difficult! Especially as I sit here up to my elbows in Christmas cards. (I've sent out a total of 117 so far! And counting!)

Here's a random compilation of tid-bits that are giving my brain a rush of inspiration:

1. Anything with a hand-sewn, or homemade feel. Even if it's done entirely on the computer, like this "W" from the Brocade Home site.

2. Williams-Sonoma's homey, retro package designs really put me into a creative mood!

3. Feminine Abstract art, that is totally messy yet totally "together" all at once. This piece is from the website of a talented artist whose etsy store I recently stumbled upon.

4. My new thomaspaul paper mousepad. It's the coolest thing ever! You can write on a page, rip it off, and the rest of the pad is used as a place to rest your mouse.

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