Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Vintage Etsy Treasury

I secured a spot on Etsy's Treasury today. My list is called "Vintagey Feminine Neutrals." I'm in love with every item I put on there! I'd seriously buy every piece.


Turtle Papers
Gorgeous Redhead
Trendy Knitting
Lisa GoLightly
Ludwigas Linen
yumi yumi
5 Dollar French Market
Precious Meshes
Vintage Scraps
Bliss Candles
Alicia Bock
Callooh Callay

Although everyone complains about how difficult it is to get on the Treasury, I've somehow actually always been lucky enough to get in on the first try. My trick is to have the title for my treasury typed and copied so I can press "Ctrl V" as soon as an opening shows up. I scroll down to the bottom of the treasury page and keep myself situated there, watching it like a hawk, until I see the list drop below 333.

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