Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter, everyone.

My holiday highlights:
  • It felt wonderful to be back in my pre-pregnancy size, in a happy pastel (dress above, from jcrew).
  • It's so liberating to worship my God and thank him for the hope of salvation and oneday meeting with Him and my daughter again in heaven. Easter is by far the most hopeful of all holidays!
  • The weekend was extra special because it was the kick-off of a great new event that my husband has been working toward for years: the Grace Epidemic. Check it out!

My holiday low:

  • I had a hard time just thinking about how it would have been Grace Evangeline's first Easter, and how I would've done her blonde hair with a little velcro bow and had her wear the cutest ruffly outfit (that would've matched me and Jeffrey's outfit colors). I had so many fun things planned for her first year.... And it was incredibly hard yesterday at church seeing so many babies that were my baby's age.
I also wanted to take a second to share some new projects I've been working on. These are a few of the MANY I have on my plate:

New Salon Service Menu: This new menu folds to a perfect square. It's a very simple, sleek, no-nonsense kind of design - the kind that makes my heart sing! (Click images for a semi-closer look)

Turtle Birthday Invitation
: I created this custom design for a friend. Although I would have never thought to come up with a turtle design on my own, it was a fun challenge and now I'm selling it in my Etsy shop!

Coming in the next weeks: a new client website, Peacock wedding invitations, Mother's day cards, and more!

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